I grew up telling my parents I wanted to be a purple doctor.
I assume I was referring to the color of their scrubs, but because I never elaborated on this to my parents it will forever remain a mystery. As I grew up, the “purple” part of my career aspiration ended up resonating with me more than the “doctor” part. When I started my collegiate journey, a medical degree never crossed my mind.
Emotionally speaking, purple evokes mystery. Apparently, it contains enough mystery for me to explore studio art, art directing, and copywriting, but still, be unsure of what I’ll actually end up doing when I graduate. I consider my life to be mysterious; I can’t pinpoint where I’ll be next week or next month and definitely not next year, but I’m happy to discuss my theories.
Purple conveys compassion as well, and I convey my compassion through curating playlists for my closest friends. As an appreciator of music, my archive of tunes ranges from Daft Punk to Creedence Clearwater Revival. When I can’t provide adequate advice or comfort to a friend who needs it, I can at least provide them a playlist to say the things I can’t.
Mystery and compassion seem unrelated, but my compassion for my friends and those close to me help me tackle the mysteries of my future. From as far back as I can remember, purple has been my favorite color, and I have a theory that it still will be in twenty years.
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